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I hate rifraf idiots

2009-10-18 11:57:12 by macman2212

I just can stand all these idiots that think they know what is good or bad. I don't even give a shit what they have to say. My simple rule no submissions= no balls


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2009-10-18 12:59:19

by your own philosophy, then you have no right to say anything over drawn art or flash submissions.
Think before acting, it makes you seem less like an asshole

macman2212 responds:

you seem like even more less talented than you say all you have submitted is art. News flash any idiot can copy a picture from google and call it their own


2009-10-18 21:04:03

indeed any idiot can copy an image and pass it off as there own.
But I can guarantee that none of my images are copied from Google and are crafted by my skill alone.
If you think any of my art is copied or stolen, Please take it to Captain Ben. He is one of the head Art portal mods, but is insist if you do, please take some proof to keep from humiliating yourself much further.

And although I have submitted flash before, I simply removed it cause I had no plans on doing any more for some time. I don't feel my work had a place here on NG. I feel that because I can create something doesn't mean I should show it off to the world.

macman2212 responds:

then have a nice cup of shut the fuck up if your not a riffraff noob


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