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Modbook or tablet PC?

2009-09-07 22:00:29 by macman2212

I have a choice between a modbook (mac version of a tablet pc) or a tablet. The tablet would be a ton cheaper for me but I can make a decision. I also would like to be able to have one or the other by madness day so tell me what you guys think.
Tablet PC


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2009-09-07 22:05:33

How are you having a hard time deciding. The PC is almost half the price and 4xs as powerful.

macman2212 responds:

good point however as being a mac user as well I know that PC's require anti-virus software that needs to be renewed every so often so in essence the tablet could spend more money over time then the modbook would


2009-09-07 23:40:59

Yeah Zombiffix would know, have you read his posts?
To get the same performance out of the MAC as the PC, you would end up paying almost 3 times. with a used battery?!?!?
If you get Avira, ( which is free ) you will not have to worry. Viruses only happen when you download stolen porn movies, shit free programs from disreputable websites, or go to eastern block websites. I have been using PCs for almost 20 yrs, and I have had one virus thanks to porn.
Do what you will with your own money, but to be honest I was surprised you were undecided after linking to those pages.